A wise man once said, “Your roof is the crown of your home. Make sure it’s a sturdy one.”! So, if you have a house, you have a roof on top of your house to care for. The roof is that portion of the house that is subjected to the maximum amount of rainfall, snow, or sunlight. In one word, it is the place where foreign elements hit the most. Due to this, cracks and fissures develop, which may force the water to percolate.

Leaks in critical portions of the roof may degrade the cemented structures of the house, which we frequently term “dampness in the walls”. The residents in the house shall feel the rising moisture level in the rooms, which will also affect the house’s furniture. Growing moistness in the house will also trigger the growth of molds and algae. Overall, the quality of the air around the house will fall, along with affecting the visual aesthetics of the place.

Roof Waterproofing is the process of protecting that roof by using various techniques and materials. This blog covers the aspects of roof waterproofing and ends by suggesting some measures to safeguard your roof. Let’s jump into it straight.

What are the best materials and corresponding methods of roof waterproofing?

Talking about the materials that can be used for the process of waterproofing your house, well honestly there are quite a many of them. Bituminous materials are one of the best ones to mend your roof, all thanks to their sticky and heat-resistant nature. Next up in line are polymers. These macromolecules work on fixing the joints in the roof through its membranous sheet. Other materials on the list include waterproof tapes, tar sheets, and terrace tiles.

Below listed are some of the most common methods or solutions for roof waterproofing.

1) Bituminous waterproofing

A great perk of relying on this method is its ease of use and being a cost-effective solution. It uses asphalt as its constituent element and provides a lovely solution for waterproofing.

2) PVC roofing membranes

PVC is yet another excellent polymer for roof waterproofing solutions. They are best for flat roofs and provide a membranous sheet for your roof.

3) Metal roofing

Use of metals for roofing is an excellent option for getting your roof waterproofed. Additionally, this process multiplies the lifespan of your roof by many years.

4) Spray polyurethane foam(SPF)

This is a spray-based solution used for insulating and waterproofing the roof.
Suggested measures for increasing the life of your roof

1) Regular inspection is a step that can cut your costs to a great extent. Routinely check on the condition of the roof maybe after every violent storm. With regular surveillance, you can prevent a minor crack from escalating further.

2) Keep an eye on the ventilation of the attic of your house. Maintaining proper ventilation in your attic will ensure the proper level of humidity and temperature across the roof.

3) Cleansing of the roof gutters and downspouts is a significant step towards increasing the lifespan of your roof. In extreme cases, these lines may burst and lead to significant damage and formation of cracks.

4) You can weather-coat your roof with paints from renowned brands. This provides an additional layer of insulation to your roof and can add to the number of years in its lifespan.

Prominent benefits that roof waterproofing serves

Although the above steps can significantly aid you in protecting and maintaining your roof, roof waterproofing comes with a whole lot of benefits.

They are:

● Adds to the life and value of the property.
● Makes your house a whole lot more energy-efficient, as these waterproofing methods reflect sunlight thus reducing the need for air-conditioning your house.
● Prevents the damage caused to the internal and external structure of the household.

Final Words

Thus you see, roof waterproofing is an ideal solution to protect your roof and house from the external elements of nature. With the solutions already discussed earlier in the blog you should now have a clear idea to choose which one will be the most appropriate for you.

If you own a house in Mohali or Chandigarh, the Roof Waterproofing service by Dropex can be a great option to choose from. Our highly efficient team of expert professionals shall suggest the best waterproofing solution depending on the condition of your roof. Thus, if you want to ensure the good health of your family and roof, sit back and let us serve you. Happy waterproofing!

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