Every year waterproofing tasks have to be carried out. This process is carried out on the water tank, walls and roof systems. When experts perform this task, they want to ensure the integrity of the structure is not compromised.

This means that waterproofing will never alter the durability of the structure. This is only possible if the team is expert and if they follow basic steps. You can continue reading to get more knowledge regarding these steps.

General inspection

Waterproofing tasks can only be carried out by professional water tank waterproofing services. Before they decide to select the best waterproofing technique and material, the team may want to inspect the surface.

Before waterproofing can be done on the surface, the team has to conduct an inspection. This helps them identify the type of waterproofing material and technique they need to select. If the waterproofing is done to cover up leakage then the areas have to be identified first.

Surface Preparation

You have to keep in mind that waterproofing material will not easily stick to any surface. If the surface has debris and dust particles then it has to be cleaned first. This task is called surface preparation. This task is always carried out by the professional team.

  • You should look around for an expert team only
  • The professional team will cover up leaks and cracks before carrying out the general waterproofing
  • The professional team has to select the most appropriate material for filling the cracks

The abrasion task

You just hired a professional team from Dropex in Mohali. This means that you have decided to assign the task to a very professional team. They will always ensure that they carry out the task professionally. It is never effective to apply waterproofing material to the surface if the area is not even.

Sanding or abrasion will help remove and treat any uneven surface. This technique is best if you have a waterproof water tank and roof system. Right-grade sandpaper or abrasion material is used for this task. You may only have to let the professional team carry out this task.

Bonding agent

If you want the waterproofing material to stay on the applied surface, then you have to select the best bonding agent. This is a thin layer of primer material. You have to apply the primer layer even before the waterproofing material is applied to the surface.

You can hire water tank waterproofing services if you want the primer work done best and flawlessly. A professional team will always use the best priming tool to get this task done more effectively. Priming has to be done to the water tank as well as roof systems.

 Joint sealing

There is no point in applying waterproofing material if you have not sealed the joints on the surface. If you have to make any surface waterproof then you have to pay attention to joints. Water can easily seep indoors if the joints are not well sealed. It is also obvious that sealing joints may need special techniques.

The connections and the corners have to be inspected. This is essential so leaks can be prevented. If you take care of the joints then applying waterproofing material is easy and effective. The team may certainly have to use good quality joint sealant.

Waterproofing membrane

You can also use water proofing membrane when water proofing water tanks. You have to ensure that you hire the best team online from Dropex for this task. The membrane has to be applied well to the entire surface.

This means that you will have to take exact measurements when cutting the membrane. If the size of the membrane is not perfect then it may not be much effective. The membrane has to be applied using best quality coating material.

When all tasks are performed then you have to get the surface inspected by the QC team. they will check the surface for leakage and take necessary steps. It is also obvious that you have to let the surface dry before you can expose it to water.

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