Tricity, a conglomeration of three cities — Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula — is nestled in the foothills of the Shivalik range. It has a diverse climate. The area gets scorching summers and chilly winters. With hot winds blowing across the plains for months on end, it also gets heavy monsoon rains.

Properties here must withstand temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius (C) in summer and sub-zero temperatures during winter. Tricity faces severe rainstorms in monsoon. According to Dropex Waterproofing Services, this variability poses unique challenges while waterproofing terraces. Terrace waterproofing ensures the longevity of the structure and maintains comfort indoors.

Understanding challenges

The first step towards effective Waterproofing for terrace in Tricity is understanding the dynamics of temperature extremes, heavy rainfall, and high humidity levels in Tricity.

Experts pointed out that people must take into account issues like thermal movement of building materials; absorption rates; shrinkage and expansion due to weather changes; and hydrostatic pressure developed by water at different heights within structures while designing rooftops or balconies’ water-proofing systems.

They have suggested using materials with low coefficients of linear expansion and contraction. This will make sure that these are not damaged when they go through multiple cycles of heating up and cooling down throughout the year.

Contractors should also use products with good adhesion properties so that these don’t get peeled off from the surface under extreme weather conditions. A few other things worth considering include:

Providing proper falls toward drainage outlet.
Installing membranes that can bridge cracks.
Applying elastomeric coatings on the topmost layers.
Applying sealants at junctions of walls, columns, slab edges, etc.
Installing filters under screed in water bodies.

Challenges in Waterproofing Terraces

1. Temperature Extremes

The sudden swing of temperatures in the Tricity area can cause cracks and fissures to appear on terrace surfaces that lead to leakage.

2. Monsoon Rains

During monsoon season, terraces are exposed to heavy rain for a prolonged period. Terraces need to be able to withstand heavy rainfall without causing leakage.

3. Humidity

Throughout the year, there is a high level of humidity that can accelerate the damage waterproof materials face over time.

Effective Solutions for Tricity’s Terrace Waterproofing

1. High-Quality Waterproofing Membranes

Waterproofing membranes that are flexible and designed specifically for areas with temperature changes and heavy rainfall are needed. They should be able to block water from entering seamlessly.

2. Proper Surface Preparation

Cleaning, repairing cracks, and leveling the terrace is necessary before applying any waterproof material onto it for optimal adhesion.

3. Appropriate Drainage Systems

Efficient drainage systems should be installed, like slope correction and proper placement of drains and scuppers so that rainwater doesn’t accumulate on the surface of the terrace.

4. Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance checks like periodic inspections are essential so that minor problems don’t escalate into bigger ones.

5. UV Protection

UV-resistant coatings or additives should be applied so their effectiveness doesn’t degrade over time due to sunlight exposure.

6. Consultation with Waterproofing Experts

People should consult with professionals who are familiar with Tricity’s climate so they can provide advice on what solutions for Waterproofing for terrace in Tricity will work best for each terrace’s individual needs.


Residents of Tricity should opt for Waterproofing for terrace in Tricity services as soon as possible. It saves money later on when it comes to repairing damages caused by water penetration into structural members or seepage into interiors.

Consulting with waterproofing experts can further enhance the efficacy and longevity of terrace waterproofing systems. It can safeguard buildings against water damage and ensure residents’ comfort and safety for years to come.

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