Water is very necessary or all living things. In accordance to human health, drinking water should be very clean and should be stored in a leak proof container which is further not affected by ground water pressure. Best Water Tank Waterproofing in Mohali is very necessary and Due to lack of barriers in drinking water tank, cracks start appearing due to high underground pressure which allows breakages, sodium chloride and underground water leakage penetration into the drinking water tanks, make it contaminated and affects its structural integrity.

Importance of Best Water Tank Waterproofing in Mohali

Prevention from fungus

Fungus can easily grow in the presence of moisture, and it is most common problem. Water tank should be waterproof from inside and outside to prevent the fungal growth.

Prevention of heat

Heat can easily penetrate in unmyelinated sheet of tank, which can heat up the water which allows a rapid growth of fungi and algae, and promotes alteration in colour, smell and taste.

Prevention of freezing

In winter, water can be easily freeze out due to having an unmyelinated sheet, which can further cause a crack and leads water leakage.

Prolong tank life

waterproofing prolongs the life of tanks by preventing the changes from temperature.

What do you think? How waterproofing can protect the structural integrity of tank?

1. Underground tanks water

Underground water tank pressures not only generate the crack in the drinking water tank and penetrates the contaminated water into it, but also travel upwards to the wall of the house and allows the growth of mould, fungus which affects the interior of home.

2. Above ground tanks

Inappropriate waterproofing of above ground tanks can lead leakage from the walls. Though along with wall leakage, it can damage the ceiling, and can cause leakage of water from roof during rain. It may result a costly repair.

Common damages occurs due to inappropriate waterproofing:

1. Water degradation

Due to inadequate waterproofing, water can be contaminated and becomes unsafe to intake and for residential purpose.

2. Destruction of mutual boundary

Water leakage from poorly waterproofing tanks, can easily penetrates into the mutual boundaries and can cause shedding, scorching, cracks etc.

3. Increasing humidity sensitivity

When the moisture from the leaking water travels upward from the floor or the wall, at that time humidity sensitivity increases which further leads cloudy patches, stain, fungal growth, etc.

4. Marks

Marks start appearing on the wall, roof, ceiling, when the water starts leaking from the water tanks.

5. Mould and fungal growth

Water leakage from water tanks provides a favourable environment to for the fungal and mould growth which can easily compromise with the health and appearance of interior.

Guidance for flourishing the Best Water Tank Waterproofing In Mohali

  • Choose a high-quality waterproofing solution.
  • Before applying a waterproof solution into tank, ensure that the tank is accurately cleaned from inside and outside.
  • Check out the cracks before applying the waterproof solution.
  • Apply the solution as per the instruction and with adequate coats for full coverage.

Most common waterproofing elements are:

1. Cement coating

Cement coating is widely used for the internal and external coating f water tanks. As it is cost effective and the mixture can be easily made by cement and sand. It prevents a water penetration, user friendly and performs as a long-lasting agent if applied properly.

2. Epoxy coating

Epoxy coating is used for the multipurpose, and it is ideal for underground water tanks as well and overhead ground tanks because it provides excellent coverage, seal the water tank completely, resist chemical and can work against maximum underground pressure.

How to select cost effective elements for Best Water Tank Waterproofing in Mohali:

1. Research

Identify the availability of waterproofing substance like cementitious coating, epoxy coating, etc.

2. Explore requirements

Evaluate the needs of your water tank like size, tank material, location, and which kind of water it will hold.

3. Product description

Evaluate the quality you want, durability, chemical resistance, etc.

4. Cost comparison

To ensure the best product availability under your budget, compare the cost with its benefit and durability.

Summing up!

In Mohali, waterproofing is very necessary to prevent the water from leak, pollution, contamination. To prevent the expensive repairing cost, applying high quality waterproofing methods can prevent cracks, stains, mould and fungal growth and can keep your interior well maintained. You can use either cementitious coating, epoxy coating and so on. It is an excellent idea for the Best Water Tank Waterproofing In Mohali where weather can unexpectedly changes. To prevent the upward movement of water from the floor or wall, invest now in the best water tank waterproofing solution instead of waiting for the leakage, stain and cracks.

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